Media and Design MA, 
Macromedia University, Munich (Germany)
Communications, Audiovisual Production and Journalist 
Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia)
To explore storytelling as a tool to innovate and create association when communicating ideas is one of my main interests, from the concept creation to its execution. Over seven years experience on TV, Advertising and Content Creation provided me an understanding of the processes and requirements during content creation, and the implications of working on planned budgets and schedules.
On parallel to my work activities, I have been working on the use of Human Centred Design methods managed with agile techniques for the creation of storytelling content and experiences with a high focus in the audience. The goal of this is to develop a more structured approach into creative work, in which there is not uniquely a dependency on inspiration, but more on methodological steps for creation. Usually creativity and methods do not fit together, but I think the high speed demanded nowadays for content creation, makes necessary to complement creativity with a working structure (but still fun, thought) 

Based currently in  Munich, Germany.
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