Team members:
Andree Mueller, Inna Chevychalova, Juan Carlos Vanegas, Tatiana Kuvaldina, Benjamin Desai, Danielle Zsifkovits
In 2014 a German short film “Call Her Lotte” is expected to be debuted to the public. The story is based on the childhood of Charlotte Knobloch (President of Central Council of Jews in Germany), who grew up in Munich in the 1930’s. The three main characters of the movie are: a Jewish actress Lea, her German friend Maria and Maria’s husband Hans (who becomes an SS officer).
The "Lotte" project is expected to be an immersive education experience for pupils, to help them understand the importance of working in groups, to learn more about the history of their country, appreciate the importance of friendship and to encourage their empathy.
The game is designed for 3 groups of 5 people each. The tasks of the MHMK project team included the following: to create a game concept, rules, tasks, paths and to develop the storylines of the three main characters based on the movie "Call Her Lotte”.

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