Team members:
Andree Mueller, Inna Chevychalova, Juan Carlos Vanegas, Tatiana Kuvaldina, Benjamin Desai, Danielle Zsifkovits
The PTPT project
Media and Design 3rd semester Master Students joined forces with the company EXB to develop a HCD project (Human Centered Design) to find alternatives to carry on with the developing of a personal organizational system for mobile devices. PTPT, as the product is named, aims to become an inbuilt App that works as a co-pilot for the users to plan schedules, book meetings, share information and manage calendars, thus minimizing the user efforts to control and organize everyday tasks and activities.
By applying the Design thinking process and the HCD method the team was able to recognize user behavioural patterns allowing now the PTPT system to anticipate decisions and offer the possibility to personalize workflows for each user, maintaining an open field for constant learning and improvement in the relationship user-system.
As result, the team delivered to EXB a booklet for the appliance of new ideas with graphical prototypes included; a User Behavioural pattern book; and offered a workshop at the EXB offices to present and discuss with the client the insights of the project, aiming to understand together the new scope and dimensions of PTPT for a constant improvement.
Stop motion animation of the project kick-start structure.
Design Thinking process and Scrum methods applied.
Project Room

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