Tour Compilation

"Road to Russia" was a 7 weeks project for the Chinese brand HISENSE, official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and delegated by the agency Lagardère Germany.
The projects follows the British comedian, Lloyd Griffith, in his road to Russia to play in the World Cup Russia 2018. It crossed 7 countries, including cities as Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, St Petersburg and Moscow.
In each city a 15 min episode was created, in which celebrities as Luis Figo, Robert Pires, Michael Owen and Marcel Desailly took part in the story. 
61 videos were created in total. Here is attached the Tour compilation, which summarises the whole project, and also, each city episode. 
Production company:       Pixelschickeria
                        Concept:       Lena Pawlowsky
                         Producer:       Annika Liebenecht
                  Camara:       Moritz Liebl
   Head of Postproduction:       Juan Carlos Vanegas
                                                                  Postproduction Team:        Juan Carlos Vanegas, Sven Claros, Nicolas Thate,                                                                                                      Michael Kuleba, Denis Kasparov, Sara Obiols
                                      Motion Graphics:       Sebastian Hühnel, Katrin Jucker

Madrid episode

Paris episode

London episode

Berlin Episode

St Petersburg episode

Moscow episode

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